The Man Upstairs, Religious Freedom

From “The Sayings of Money Back,” the oldest, living rapper…

I know y’all didn’t ask, but I got a lot of pet peeves. Folks always asking me, “Money Back, why you talk about religion so much?”

Folks don’t listen. I don’t talk about religion. Other folks talk about religion.

I talk about God — And Us.

How we act and how we oughta act, how we livin’ and how we oughta be livin’. Including me. Yeah, me, too. My foot slips on the path sometime — I ain’t gon’ lie.

God ain’t religion, though.  He’s God. He’s Life. Big diff’rence.

Religion is whatever folks wanna make it. Then, they can’t wait to argue with somebody about it.

But another thing been bugging the hell out of me lately is all these people talking about “The Man Upstairs, The Man Upstairs.”

And they be saying it, you know, talking about God. I don’t even believe they know it, but they dissing God.

They oughta read J.I. Packer’s book, “Knowing God.” He’ll set ’em straight. I read it clean through, and I’m a slow reader. Especially when there ain’t no pictures.

Pay attention to “Chapter Four,” and I betcha that little light in they head’ll come on bright as them fluorescents in Walmart.

The man upstairs? That ain’t God. That’s Jake, The Supa — and y’all know you can’t count on him for nothing.

Heavens knows, if your sink happen to back up — and even if you got water all over the floor, leaking down on them poor folks below you — Lord ‘amercy, don’t call Jake.

It might be a week later ‘fore that scoundrel show up. Then, you got to grease his palm to git him to do something.

Worse yet, you got to grease his palm just to git him to take your calls in the first place.

And he got that big, nice apartment upstairs — and don’t have to pay no rent!

Hell, I git religious just thinking ’bout that crook!

Another thing … and I know a lot of y’all git antsy when I talk about these things,  but …

I read online a few weeks ago (Yeah, I got me a computer and one of them smart telephones. Some folks say it’s smarter than me.) where a Islamic Court in Saudi Arabia sentenced a 20-year-old man to death, ’cause, the court said, he renounced his Muslim faith.

Whew! According to the online report taken from the Saudi Gazette, the young fella posted a video online that showed him tearing up a copy of the Koran, and hitting it with a shoe. A shoe?  Beats me, but …

Saudi Arabia follows Sharia Law, this report said, and under that, what they called “apostasy” demands the death penalty.

Over here, you can rip up just about anything you want, stomp on it, pee on it, set it on fire. And then just walk off without even cleaning up the mess.

And yet, a lot of folks here — in Indiana, Arkansas, Georgia and other places — arguing and fighting like crows over a thirty-pound June bug about what they say is religious freedom.

I may not be the teacher’s pet, but, did I miss something?