God’s not dead; He ain’t even sick

Word, Word, Word for days …

The noted rapper-philosopher, Money Back, takes the stage:

In a world gone mad since  The Big Fall,

You got all these folks talking off the wall:

God almighty don’ give up the ghost.

You believe that rap, you might be toast …

Word — God ain’t dead, and that’s not all,

If you feelin’ me, you’ll heed the call.

Word, Word — Word for days …

With the Right Rev. busy dialing for Dollars,

trying to put a bow on that big ol’ jet … Even he ain’t seen the blue sky yet.

God’s not dead, He ain’t even sick.

The mayor and fire chief battling it out in court — for all the marbles, big and small,

Trying to prove who’s heard the true call …

Word — God’s not dead and He still the judge.

Black men and white cops falling by the side. So much lead and blood, you ain’t never lied.

ISIS chopping heads, dealing out threats.

Word — God’s not dead, and He ain’t finished yet.

Terrorists attack in Paris, France. Tunisia and Yemen, the same ol’ dance.

Gang wars in Sweden, Mass graves in Iraq — and over and under the lip, Netanyahu’s flip-flop-flip.

Boko Haram, Columbine, Red Lake, Aurora, Newtown, Atlanta, G – A …

God’s not dead, and  He’s still on the way.

He’s not resting, not taking a break, not checking out spring on Saturn’s lake.

He rested one day when the world was done. But never sleeps, and He ain’t one to run.

No, God’s not dead. He’s feeling His oats.

With the President  and the Republicans fighting about EVERYthing — and you’d think Hillary’s emails were the holy grail …

But somewhere along that Beltline trail … is that slippery wide road straight to hell.

Word Up — God’s not dead; He ain’t even sick.

Elvis left the building and Michael’s gone, too; No matter how you feel, that’s the real deal. But God Almighty, The Most High, Most Holy — is still at the wheel.

God’s not dead, and that ain’t all…

His reservation’s been set since before Time, and to bet against Him ain’t worth your dime.

Word to the crowd, all out loud: He’s still coming, coming on a cloud,

And not like a child all meek and mild. Not riding in a manger, and not like a lamb…

Coming on a cloud so bright — it won’t even matter if it’s day or night.

You’ll see Him at once — in all His might. And no matter how you run, you can’t run out of sight.

I hope it ain’t winter in June, but — like He said — it could be soon.

Word, Word, Word all night.

GOD AIN’T DEAD ——– Aw’ight!

( Money Back looks out at the crowd, throws down the mic, then Obama-struts off the stage.)

The announcer walks out, shaking his head.  Picks up the mic. “Mr. Money Back will next be appearing in Macon, Peoria, Dallas, Rome and Tel Aviv. Thank you —- and good night.”